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Attack of the Mall Zombies is a 3rd person shooter with a strategy twist. You are the mall cop.  The object is to shoot the Zombies while keeping the doors to the mall closed.  There are four stores in the mall. The Gun shop, the Clothing store, Sporting store, and the food court. All Stores have choices of weapons depending on the level played. The Gun store=projectile weapons (hand gun, shoot gun and machine gun), the Clothing store= protective clothing (Metal armor and invisible cloth, acid armor) and the Sports store= melee weapons (cattle prod, crossbow and chainsaw). The food court is to recharge your health.

There are three different zombies’ classes, fast, normal and Boss. The Boss Zombies appear at the end of each level (the level reflects the number of Boss Zombies that appear). You get 2x the points for shooting a zombie when you keep one of the doors closed and 4x the points per zombie that you shoot if you are able to keep both doors closed (closed doors are green, yellow caution and red open).  How high of a score can you achieve?

You ammo will run out so be sure while shooting zombies to make your way to another store for more ammo or a change of weapon. Keep an eye on your health, you start out with 3 cops, every time a zombie touches (takes a bite out of you) you lose health. The food court is your friend!

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